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Does Pediatric Care have ADHD Pediatricians?

At Pediatric Care, we have a special place in our hearts for ADHD children. We empathize with parents. We’ve experienced it ourselves, and we’ve been helping these children & their parents understand and overcome the challenges of ADHD for over two decades.

Our Doctors Specialize in ADHD Care

Doctor Kenneth Zollo and Doctor Josh Fuller specialize as ADHD pediatricians. They are keenly aware of, and patient with, children exhibiting signs of ADHD behavior. As ADHD specialists, they take the time to understand the unique behaviors of each individual child. Based on this relationship, they will help you develop effective behavioral management techniques that will enable both you & your children to live healthier and happier lives.

If the behaviors of your young child are causing you to feel like you have nowhere to turn, please come by the office. We can and will help, and you will forever after have an ADHD pediatrician on your side. We’re always just a call away.

Resources for Parents with ADHD Children

To better understand & help your child, please consider browsing our resources below on ADHD: