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Caring For a Sick Child

Pediatric Care+ Understands

Children between 0-6 years of age will often be sick from a virus each month throughout winter. While children are more susceptible to viral illnesses than adults, their symptoms can be much more frightening and change quickly and drastically.  The doctors and nurse practitioners at Pediatric Care+ are also parents and grandparents and they are experts at caring for a sick child; we can relate to your worry and show true empathy towards your sick child. We too, know what it is like to be awake with a sick child all night long, worrying what is wrong and what should be done.

Visits due to illness can include the diagnosis and treatment of many symptoms.  These symptom can range from, but are not limited to fever, abdominal pain, earaches, vomiting and/or diarrhea, coughing, eye discharge, congestion and sinus issues. Pediatric Care+ is able to treat asthma and can provide breathing treatments. We can also evaluate and treat joint pain, neck pain and headaches, bowel problems, concerns regarding bed-wetting and provide dietary and nutrition counseling.

Minor Emergencies

The providers at Pediatric Care+ are trained and proficient at treating minor emergencies such as fractures, lacerations and other trauma. Our services included suturing, suture removal, medical staples, liquid skin adhesives, as well as casting and splinting.


When possible, please call early in the day to schedule an appointment for your sick child. By calling early in the day, we will best be able to accommodate your schedule and minimize the time you may spend waiting at the office. If you would like us to see multiple children, please schedule an appointment for each individual child when you call. To provide the best care for each child, we cannot “squeeze” in additional children without them having an appointment made for them prior to arrival.

Please call our office before 4:45 PM, on the day that your child needs to be seen.  Appointments to evaluate a sick child are always same day appointments. We promise to see every child that has a scheduled appointment on the day you call. Healthy, well-child appointments can be scheduled months in advance at your convenience.

After-Hours Clinic

If you feel your child needs to be seen during evenings or weekends after the office is closed, they may be seen at the after-hours clinic. The after-hours clinic is Monday–Friday from 6–8 pm in Provo and by appointment until 10 pm in Salem, Saturday by appointment  in Salem until 10 pm. For more information about our after-hour clinic, please see our Services.