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We provide child, adolescent, and women’s healthcare support to all areas of the Provo region including Payson. 

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About Provo, Utah

Provo is one of the most well-known, and well-populated, cities in Utah. It the third largest in the state, and is found less than 50 miles from the capital Salt Lake City. The 2010 census found that 112,488 people reside in the city, with a 31,524 households in total.

As one would expect from a city of such size and prominence, Provo is a city with a long history. The area was initially settled by the Timpanogos, who favored the site due to the abundance of food and natural resources. In 1776, a Spanish Franciscan missionary and explorer named Silvestre Velez de Escalante visited the region and included what is now known as Provo in documents detailing his exploration of the area.

The area was eventually settled in 1847 by Mormon Pioneers. A series of battles followed between the Timpanogos and the settlers, resulting in two wars: the Provo War and the Walker War. However, more settlers followed the early pioneers, and the region developed into a city, which was particularly well known for its abundance of fruit orchards and garden areas.

Over subsequent decades, Provo has grown both in size and prominence, and modern residents are serviced by a plethora of amenities. There are over 100 restaurants located in Provo, as well as shopping centers, malls, music venues, and boutiques. The city is particularly well-known for its arts and culture; the downtown area hosts “gallery strolls” featuring the work of local artists, while ABGs hosts live music every weekend.

In terms of business growth, Provo has fared well; numerous companies across a range of industries have chosen Provo as their base, including Diecuts with A View, VitalSmarts, Ryze Trampoline Parks, and MediaWorks Inc. The city is also home to the Food & Care Coalition, which provides services to homeless and low-income citizens.