Insurance Information


Pediatric Care accepts a wide variety of insurance providers and we work with you to meet your needs. We also work with Medicaid patients and you can read more about what Medicaid carriers Pediatric Care accepts and qualifying for Medicaid by viewing our Medicaid page. We are a contracted provider with most major insurances, including (but not limited to) the following insurance options. We also can work with insurance carriers not listed and you can call our office to find more information about how we can work with your insurance provider.

Insurance Carriers

Contact Your Insurance Carrier

Patients are expected to check with their insurance provider, prior to being seen at the office, regarding insurance coverage for Pediatric Care.  Our Pediatric clinic cannot provide detailed information online concerning insurance coverage/benefits. It is your responsibly to make sure that we are a “preferred provider” or a part of your insurances “IN” network. Commonly asked questions for your insurance carrier, might include:

  • Do I have well-child, preventative care? How many preventative appointments are covered per year, for my child’s age?
  • Are vaccines covered? Are there limits to my vaccine coverage?
  • What is my yearly deductible?
  • Do I have to pay a copayment (co-pay) on preventative visits? How much is my co-pay for a sick visit?
  • How much will I be responsible to pay for an office procedure like sutures, staples, wart removal or fracture care?

Contacting Us

Pediatric Care is committed to providing our pediatric families with outstanding care, knowledge, and accessibility. We agree to file your insurance claim in the proper manner and seek to assist you if there are questions with your claim.

Our billing department is happy to answer your payment, insurance, and Medicaid questions. Our staff is available Monday-Friday, 9–4:30, by calling our office at 801-377-8000 or by emailing our billing specialist at

Co-pay and Payment Options

Payment for services are due at the time of service, which most often is an insurance co-payments (co-pays) or cash pay visit. If your children are uninsured, we offer a discount for our services if paid that same day. Please ask our office manager or billing department if you are interested in financial assistance because of hardship.  If you have an outstanding balance you will be asked to pay the balance or set up a payment plan with our billing department prior to your child being seen.

If you have a payment due, you can call our billing department and make a payment over the phone, pay your bill online through our website, or you can mail your payment to the following address:

Pediatric Care
PO Box 752
Provo, UT 84603