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About Springville, Utah

One of the main commuting cities for both Salt Lake City and Provo-Orem, Springville is widely known as “Art City.” This accurately describes the main function of the area however there are certainly plenty of businesses that set up shop in the city as well.

Indeed, in 2014, the population of Springville had exceeded 31,000 replicating the growth noted in other cities across Utah.The population is expected to continue to grow at a steady rate and ultimately reach 50,000 within the next ten years.  Originally, called Hobble Creek, the city was founded in 1776 and became known as Springville in 1800s after the freshwater springs discovered around the local area. The nickname of “Art City” is derived from the fact that Springville has various prominent art developments including it’s own Museum of Art. This is actually the oldest museum for the visual fine arts in Utah. Even the streets around the city are dotted with bronze statues.

As the city population continues to grow, the city itself is also expanding. Future developments will see growth of retail, office and industrial sectors around the I-15 corridor that runs along the border of Springville. The city is already home to several large, prominent brands including Flowserve, Stouffer’s and Wing Enterprises. The location is known for a range of niche events such as the Springville world Folkfest, held at the outdoor amphitheater in the Spring Acres Art Park. It’s incredibly popular with dance groups from all over the world attending the festival

Springville is actually the fourth-oldest city in Utah and covers 14,000 square miles. Currently, the population is actually younger than national county averages, with many young families setting up their home here. One of the reasons for this is likely the massive selection of schools including Art City Elementary, Brookside Elementary and Reagan Academy.