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About Santaquin, Utah

Santaquin is a beautiful city built south-east of the Utah Lake. The region is known for dramatic changes in temperature and climate with humid Summers and and exceedingly cold winters. It is one of the earliest settlements along Salt Lake Road with settlers originally appearing in 1851. Originally, the settlement was known as Summit City. This was due to its location at the summit of the center between Utah and Juab Valley. Settlers originated from a group of Pioneers who were already building Payson close by. The name of the city was changed to Santaquin after a native chieftain who had been friendly to the new settlers living on the land.

The city is bursting with culture and even has its own annual celebration, Orchard Days. This festival includes everything from parades to rodeos and scavenger hunts as well as various other family themed activities. Indeed, the festival is often seen as a way to bring the community together as one. The name of the festival was born in the 1900s when Orem and Provo began to expand rapidly. At this point, many fruit farmers relocated to Santaquin to plant orchards.

Today, the city has a population of over 11,000 and is one of the larger cities in Utah County. Indeed, the population is growing at a rapid rate with a 20 percent increased since 2010. This means that Santaquin has one of the greatest growth rates in the Utah area. Currently, the city only covers 10 square miles of land. However, as the population continues to increase it is likely that the borders will expand. Many locals love Santaquin due to its rejection of big-box stores such as Walmart. Instead, smaller businesses and restaurants can be found along main street which provides the area with a small town feel.