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Lactation Consulting

Feeding Consulting Now Available at Pediatric Care+

Pediatric Care+ now offers feeding consultations at both the Provo and Salem office. Feeding consults are done with our family nurse practitioner Canessa Craigo Leeflang, MSN, FNP-C, CBS. Canessa completed her training through Lactation Education Resources (LER) to become a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (CBS). Specialized study includes anatomy/physiology, essentials of positioning, composition of human milk, formula feeding, breast pumps, and medications with breastfeeding. If you have questions or are experiencing challenges in feeding your baby, whether it is breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or pumping, Canessa is available to help.

What to Expect During Your Appointment?

During your appointment, Canessa will record health history, your labor and baby’s delivery, followed by instruction on breast anatomy, breastfeeding positions, and baby’s latch. Understanding your interests, concerns and challenges in feeding your baby is Canessa’s top priority so she can answer questions and provide advice. This often includes watching your baby feed (if you desire), in addition to helping you create a feeding routine at home. We also do regular weight checks for the baby and plan any needed follow up care.

Why Do I Want to Schedule a Feeding Consult?

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding can be difficult and feel stressful. Changes to your family, recovery from delivery, lack of sleep and caring for your infant may feel overwhelming. Canessa can ease your concerns with evidence-based research and personal experience. Canessa has experience with breastfeeding singletons and twins, choosing pumps, exclusively pumping, formula feeding and sleep training. Canessa, and the entire staff at Pediatric Care are excited to help you through the parenting process.

Call for a feeding consult if your baby:

  • Is jaundiced
  • Refuses to latch-on
  • Is not gaining weight (3/4-1 oz per day)
  • Cries a lot if fussy
  • Feeds “all the time”
  • Is premature or a “late preterm” infant (born 34-36.6 weeks)
  • Spits up “a lot”

Call for a consult and support if you:

  • Have sore nipples
  • Are Engorged
  • Have a low milk supply
  • Are returning to work
  • Experience stress related to feeding
  • Need to take medication
  • Need advice about selecting a breast pump
  • Have received conflicting advice or are discouraged to breastfeed

Does my insurance cover feeding consults?

Yes, most insurance companies cover feeding consults. Since Canessa is a Nurse Practitioner and you are being seen at Pediatric Care, we will be able to bill your insurance. As you have probably already met your insurance deductible with having your baby, the first 12 months after birth are ideal times for feeding consults.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

There are two ways to have a feeding consultant with Canessa. 1. You can schedule the feeding consult the same day as your well child check. For instance, at your 1-week appointment, 2-week appointment or 2-,4-, or 6-month appointment. Dr. Fuller, Dr. Zollo or Canessa can see you for the well child check and then Canessa will have an appointment with the parent (usually with the mother of the child) and child. This would be considered two appointments with two different patients on the same day. The second option is to call the office and schedule just a feeding consult with Canessa. You can schedule the appointment for either the mother or the baby.