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About Lehi, Utah

For a somewhat unassuming city based in the Provo-Orem Metropolitan Statistical area, Lehi is very much a city of the future. In fact, one in every 14 of the microchips currently in use around the world was made in Lehi; the city is home to the DRAWM microchip plant, which is owned by industry pioneers IM Flash Technologies.

To further cement its futuristic credentials, Lehi is also home to one of the US buildings of Adobe Systems; over 900 staff currently work there on various Adobe developments, with a specialization on the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Last – but by no means least – Microsoft has also embraced Lehi, with the Microsoft Southwest District also calling the city home.

While Lehi has very much found its footing as a new-age city, its roots are far deeper, dating back to the original settlement in 1850. However, Lehi’s propensity for quick advancement is long-established; the settlement grew so quickly that it was incorporated within two years. This was also when the city was given its name, after the Book of Mormon prophet Lehi.

The city is now home to over 56,000 residents, and the center of population for Utah is located in Lehi. Lehi’s history is found throughout the modern city, with the Lehi Main Street Historic District – a five-acre site that is on the National Register of Historic Places – a particular highlight. The area, which is known for its Gothic architecture, is still a popular tourist destination in the present day.

The city is also known for an area called Thanksgiving Point, which encompasses a museum, gardens, and amenities such as restaurants, Megaplex Theaters, and gift shops. As well as offering year-round attractions such as the Thanksgiving Point Golf Course, Museum of Ancient Life, and Farm Country, Thanksgiving Point is also the host of many annual festivals. These include the region’s only Tulip Festival in spring, the Cornbelly’s Halloween attraction, and an annual Scottish Festival and Highland Games.