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About Spanish Fork, Utah

Located in central Utah, Spanish Fork sits in close proximity to Utah Lake and the Wasatch Mountains. The elevation of the city ranges between 4,500 feet in the northwest to 5,200 feet, dipping to a low at the Spanish Fork River floodplain on the southern edge of the town.

Spanish Fork shares the same historical background as many other areas of Utah, but with one extra element. The city was home to the first ever Icelandic settlers in North America, and Icelandic elements are still incorporated into the city itself. Many of the city’s residents still follow the Lutheran religion of their ancestors, and the city holds frequent “Icelandic Days” to coincide with Iceland’s National Day, which involves cultural exhibits and festivities for all residents to enjoy.

In fact, Spanish Fork is a city that embraces its diversity, with numerous other festivals appearing on the yearly schedule. These include the “Harvest Moon Hurrah”, which occurs on the nearest Saturday to the full moon in September, and the Hindu festival of Holi, which is otherwise known as the “festival of colors” – the latter of which sees Spanish Fork, and its Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple play host to thousands of visitors from across the US. There are also designated “Fiesta Days” to celebrate Pioneer Day, which comes complete with a rodeo, craft fair, live entertainment, and similar festivities.

Similar to most other areas of Utah, Spanish Fork is known for its relatively arid climate, with very dry, hot summers, with more rain in spring and fall, and snow flurries in winter. The city also benefits from “canyon breezes”, which the local authority believes help to keep the air clear and free of pollution, which is good news for the city’s 34,681 inhabitants.