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We provide pediatric care and support to all areas of the Provo region including Payson. Over the years we have built up a solid reputation for providing unbeatable support and services to families in their hour of need.

We have been working in the industry for twenty-five years and know how important it is to approach medical care for children the correct way. Our aim is to keep things as easy as possible for parents by providing full levels of accessibility throughout the week and even at the weekend. Are you unable to get down to the office? Not to worry, we have trained nurses who can provide advice and support over the phone. We can make expert recommendations and ensure that your child gets the medical treatment that they need.

We know that some families will have special requirements and conditions for the medical care or treatment of their child. Our staff is fully trained to provide support for any issues that you may have and we can even offer ADHD specialist care. Get in touch today and we will be more than happy to discuss our full range of services so you can see why we are one of the top pediatric providers in Utah.

About Payson, Utah

Payson was the third city to be incorporated in 1853, after Provo and Lehi. The city gets its name from an original settler James Pace. The city was actually called Pacen before being changed to Payson. Payson was also home to the first high school in Utah, south of Salt Lake City. The high school later closed due to the opening of Brigham Young Academy in Provo.

Payson has a fairly modest population size of 19,000 according to estimates from the latest US Census. However, it is still the tenth largest city falling behind the likes of Springville, Provo, Leh and Spanish Fork. In total, there are only 14 towns that are smaller than Payson in size. The city is seeing a large increase albeit at slower rates compared to other cities. It is the 19th fastest growing city in Utah with a 6.9% increase in population since the data was gathered in 2010. The population has more than doubled since 1990.

Payson is also home to a variety of famous individuals including Don Bluth. The animator who lived in Payson throughout his childhood is well known for working on popular animated films including “An American Tale,” “The Land Before Time,” and “Anastasia.” As well as this, Payson has been the setting and filming location for a number of popular live action movies. The most famous is perhaps “Footloose.”  The city also has various famous and cherished landmarks including the Museum and Cultural Arts Center.

Originally the city was predominantly populated by those of a scots-irish descent. However over time this changed and Payson is now far more diverse with Greek, Italian, Mexican and Yugoslav settlers. Despite the lower population compared with other cities around Utah, the city has become very popular with business owners. In 2012, the census revealed that over 1000 businesses were active throughout Payson.