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As Salem continues to grow, attracting more families to the area, you need to know you can get the right care and medical support for your family. At Pediatric Care+, we are happy to provide the solution. Using our services, you’ll find a full team of doctors and nurses with years of experience working with parents and children.

We are passionate about delivering the best quality of care possible to all families throughout Salem, ensuring that they get a high standard of treatment. One of the leading medical facilities in Utah county, we combine technology with the latest medical treatments to deliver a service all families can rely on.

We know that it can be difficult fitting in healthcare needs around a busy schedule. That’s why we are determined to make it easier, keeping our medical facilities open beyond typical office hours and accessible throughout the weekends. You can rest assured we will always be there for you and your child.

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About Salem, Utah

Salem was once known by Native Americans as Summer Spring. It was named so after the springs that emerged through the soil where Salem is currently built. By 1851, settlers had started lived on the land around the springs and used damns to divert the water to farmland, providing it with a new name – Pond Town. The city did not adopt the name of Salem in 1865 and was named after one of the early settler’s birthplace, Lyman Curtis. Curtis had a major impact on the city, creating water irrigation canals to use the natural supplies from the Spanish Fork Canyon. The city has held various names over the years including “The City of Peace.”

Salem has a wealth of historical significance and is actually over 97 years old. In 2020, the grand city will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Despite this, the population of Salem has stayed relatively low and is smaller than 17 other county cities and towns throughout Utah. Today the population remains at just under 8,000 people and there are very few cities with smaller populations. These include Elk Ridge, Cedar Fort and Fairfield. That said, Salem is surprisingly also one of the sixth fastest growing cities in Utah. Indeed from 2010, the city has grown by 21.6%. While other county cities like Eagle Mountain and Elk Ridge are growing more rapidly, Salem is still very popular.

In terms of Industry, Salem has a bustling economy with 498 companies currently calling the city home. This is a broad mixture of both SMES and bigger businesses. Popular brands include Emerald Eve Cafe, Main Street Pizza and Siro’s Place. Residents of Salem also have to contend with severe weather changes throughout the year. Salem has hot and humid summers mixed with frequently severely cold winters and a humid, continental climate overall.