baby with ears pierced

Ear Piercing Services Now Available at Pediatric Care!

The safety and comfort of your children is our highest priority. Our piercing services are designed for kids to have the best possible piercing experience while helping parents have peace of mind knowing that all ear-piercing equipment is medically safe and sterilized and that their baby is in good hands.

Ear Piercing for Your Children.

For Babies & Infants, as well as Toddlers & Kids

We use a medical ear piercing system which is a sterile disposable cartridge that is replaced with every ear piercing. Every part of the instrument that comes in contact with the child’s ear is disposable. The earrings are packaged individually and are completely encapsulated so there is no cross-contamination. The earring and post that touch your baby’s ear are made of only medical titanium with a chosen stud, allowing for a safer and more sanitary piercing experience.

We understand that there are plenty of parents out there who think a child should be old enough to make their own decision about ear piercings, and we completely understand that point of view.

However, it is important to note that for some families, ear piercing for kids is cultural. With ear piercing being such a deep-rooted tradition in many of our patient’s lives, we sought a way to ensure that kids received the best medical hypoallergenic and sterilized piercing experience.


Our trained Medical Assistants will guide you with at-home aftercare instructions. Taking care of a piercing should be relatively easy. Caring for your child’s ear piercing is extremely important to maintain the perfect piercing and avoid infection.

Parents will be sent home with a travel size bottle of soothing cleaning solution to help maintain the ear piercing area clean. Most piercing infections occur due to poor hygiene and aftercare.

Be sure to call your doctor if your child’s new ear piercing is red, painful, or has discharge. No matter how careful and meticulous you are with your child’s aftercare, occasionally infections can occur and you will want to treat the infection as soon as possible to prevent further discomfort for your baby.

Aftercare Procedures

To ensure your baby’s newly pierced beautiful ears heal properly, please follow our recommended aftercare procedures:

  1. Always wash your hands before touching the ears.
  2. Do not remove or replace the earrings from the earlobes for the entire healing period of 4 to 6 weeks.
  3. Use the ear care solution provided at least 2 times a day for the first week. Apply a few drops to the front and back of the earlobe. After the healing period, use the solution for daily cleaning of the pierced ears and earrings.
  4. Turn and move the earrings, front and back to promote maximum air circulation in between the piercing for a healthy and faster healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I get my child’s ears pierced?

We offer piercing for babies, toddlers and children of all ages. However, infants must be at least 2 months old and your baby must be current with their first set of immunizations.

Do I need to buy and bring my own pair of earrings?

No, to avoid metal allergies and skin sensitivity we provide the medical grade earrings included in the piercing service. We offer a basic package for $89.99 and a deluxe package for $109.99. Please contact our office for different options and details

Do you offer ear piercing for adults?

No, our piercing services are reserved for children only.

Does my insurance cover ear piercing?

This service will not be submitted to the insurance and full payment is due at the time of service.

Please note that the ear piercing fee is non-refundable and must be paid in full before services being rendered.

Who performs the ear piercing?

The piercings are performed by our professionally trained medical assistants.

How long do we need to keep the earrings in before we can switch them out?

6-8 weeks — Do not remove or replace the earrings from the earlobe for the entire healing period. We recommend wearing earrings throughout the first year to prevent the diameter of the piercing to shrink.