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Pediatric Care currently benefits from two full-time, board-certified professionals, three part-time Family Nurse Practitioners, and three full-time medical assistants. We are a small, comfortable, private practice who are dedicated to ensuring maximum comfort and usability for all of our patients and their parents.

In providing a Utah Valley pediatrics service, we have sought to provide all the benefits of larger clinics in a more modest environment. We offer a range of highly convenient services, including after-hours clinics, Saturday morning appointments, a dedicated nurse’s phone line, and same day sick visits, so you can always be sure of obtaining outstanding medical care for your children as and when required.

If you are seeking a reliable pediatrician in Utah, then look no further than Pediatric Care. We have a proven track record of providing an outstanding level of care to our patients over the 25 years we have been in operation, and guarantee a smooth, seamless, and stress-free process for all. To find out more about our services, or register a new patient, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

We look forward to providing you with the high-quality pediatric care your family deserves.

About Orem, Utah

Orem is the fifth-largest city in Utah and is nestled in the foothills of Mount Timpanogos, on the eastern shore of the Utah Lake. The city is close to a number of other metropolitan areas, including Provo and Lindon, and benefits from a reputation as a family-friendly area; in fact, Forbes magazine rated the city the fifth best city in the US to raise a family.

Compared to some cities in the surrounding area, Orem’s incorporation was rather late, taking place in 1919. The town was named for Walter C. Orem, the President of Salt Lake and Utah railroad. Orem’s history is closely tied to that of neighboring Provo, though the city has continued to grow in both size and reputation over recent years. This is exemplified by the population growth; in 1990, the census reported a population of just over 67,000 people, which demonstrates an increase of nearly 33% by 2015, when a census estimate placed the population at over 97,000.

Orem has undergone many phases of development throughout its history and has been chosen by numerous companies as a base for its headquarters, with steel a major factor in its early economy. However, Orem has since become known for its many technology companies, with the giant WordPerfect Corporation leading the way. A number of other software companies are now located in the city, with Bluehost, Blendtec, Novell, and Fishbowl Inventory all being founded in Orem over recent years.

In terms of recreation residents of, and tourists to, Orem are well served by a number of metropolitan amenities, but the region is perhaps best known for its outdoor pursuits options. Orem is particularly famed for two attractions in particular: the Mount Timpanogos Park and Bridal Veil falls, both of which are incredibly popular tourist destinations for those looking to explore the stunning landscape in all its glory.