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As specialist providers of pediatric care, we at Pediatric Care take our duty to our patients – and their parents – seriously. We believe that everyone is entitled to a high quality of care that provides a comprehensive service for both preventative and remedial measures, as well as providing specialist assistance for patients who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

Pediatric Care is a relatively small clinic, though it still offers all the benefits of larger offices. We are able to provide after-hours appointments, same-day appointments, visits, and Saturday clinics as standard, so you can always be sure of finding an appointment that works within your schedule. We offer additional convenience by way of electronic medical records, the ability to register as a new patient on our website, and can also process payments online.

If you are currently seeking a pediatrician in Utah, then you can be sure of a warm, comforting, and expert welcome should you choose Pediatric Care. Our small team is dedicated to the provision of excellent healthcare for children of all ages, and we would be delighted to welcome you and your family.

To find out more about our services, please do get in touch with Pediatric Care today in order to obtain the most gratifying Utah Valley pediatrics service imaginable.

About Draper, Utah

Since first being settled by pioneer Ebenezer Brown and his family in 1849, Draper has grown exponentially, especially over the past thirty years. The city once enjoyed a reputation as the “egg basket of America”, though it is now best-known as the headquarters of contact lens manufacturers 1800-Contacts.

The city is located in the southeastern Salt Lake and Utah countries, with the Traverse Ridge Mountain to the south and the Wasatch Mountain Range to the east. It benefits from spectacular mountain views, and is known as one of the best “wind areas” in the country, with sports such as paragliding and hang gliding particularly popular.

For much of its history, Draper was a small, agricultural settlement, but this has changed in recent decades. The population has increased four-fold since the 1990s and was recorded at 42,274 during the 2010 census.

The population of Draper is able to enjoy a warmer climate than those in the neighboring areas, with numerous sunny days per year, and notably dry winters. The average temperatures are around 30°-50°F during the winter, and 80°-100°C common during the winters.

The mountains tend to be the dominant feature of Draper, but there are modern advancements available in the city also. As well as being the home of 1-800 Contacts, numerous other businesses – including Control4 and HealthEquity – have chosen Draper as their base of operations. Perhaps most notably of all, Draper was home to the first ever Ikea store in Utah, which opened in 2007 and continues to enjoy great popularity to this day. The city is also home to a relatively new temple for the Church of the Latter Day Saints; with the beautiful Draper Utah Temple completed in 2009.