Pediatric ADHD: Does My Child Need to See an ADHD Specialist?

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ADHD is often one of the most misunderstood behavioral disorders. Many children with ADHD go through childhood being frustrated because they feel misunderstood, even by their own families. This is where an ADHD specialist can help you and your child make sense of their behavior. You might ask yourself, “Are we really at that point yet?” or “Won’t my child’s medication take care of the problem?” Asking yourself these questions can help you determine if seeing an ADHD specialist is right for you and your child.

Happy little girl at the doctor for a checkup - being examined with a stethoscopeDo routines seem impossible to keep? If you feel exhausted from trying so many different reward systems, chore charts, and behavioral establishment techniques, then it is a good idea to see an ADHD specialist. Sometimes your child’s unpredictable behavior can be an indicator that there is something more happening than just typical occasional outbursts.

How frequent are outbursts and other behavior problems? If your answer is that outbursts occur multiple times each day, and the outbursts are consistently intense, then an ADHD specialist is your next option. They can understand what is going on with your child and help them to adjust their behavior through counseling and medication.

Are you and your child avoidant of friends and family members because of behavioral issues? This is a challenge for many parents of ADHD children, and isolation can make a parent feel that they have nowhere to turn. An ADHD specialist can help your child make friends and walk them through proper behavioral management techniques and become a major part of your support network as a parent.

At Provo Pediatrics, our ADHD specialist, Dr. Fuller, not only has medical experience but life experience as well. Dr. Fuller is the parent of a son with ADHD, so he has an understanding of what you, the parent, are experiencing in trying to treat your child’s ADHD. He can empathize with your struggle to help your child establish healthy behavioral patterns. His job is not to just administer behavioral medicine, but to help your child understand strategies to manage their behavior through counseling and other proactive techniques. Your child is unique, and although they may struggle with their behavior, they don’t have to feel frustrated and you, the parent, don’t have to feel isolated. Contact us today to set up an appointment with Dr. Fuller!

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