When your child’s just received an ADHD diagnosis, the next steps of choosing an ADHD medication for them can
be challenging. You want your child to feel like his or herself, but more focused and less frustrated, and without having to try multiple medications in order to help get them to that point. An ADHD specialist can help you and your child choose the right medication. They are capable of gauging your child’s specific diagnosis, and which symptoms are affecting your child the most. Also, an ADHD specialist is more likely to pinpoint the precise dosage that your child needs, as opposed to just making a generalized guess.

Pediatric ADHD: Identifying ADHD

What Does ADHD Look Like in Children? Many people have misconceptions about what ADHD looks like in children. Oftentimes the picture of a child who frantically runs around the room comes to mind, but this is a great misconception about what ADHD looks like in a child. Many children with ADHD show problematic behavior when it comes to completing school…