Pediatrician Medicaid: Basic Facts on Medicaid

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Medicaid is sometimes a conundrum for many people to figure out. They may not be sure of what it is or how it works. Fortunately, once you understand some basic information, Medicaid can seem less intimidating.

Medicaid is paid for by tax dollars and is used to fund medical care for families that meet income requirements. This can help families get access to medical treatment that is of a good quality to keep them in better health. Medicaid can cover part of or entire insurance costs, and can be used alone or to supplement insurance. Medicaid qualifications may vary slightly based on the state in which you live.

To apply for medicaid, you must go online or request a paper application from the department of social services in the area that you live. Once an application is completed, a caseworker will call to request proof of residence, income verification, and other documentation (if needed). It is very important to keep your caseworker updated on any changes to your income level, residency, or past due medical bills.

Once you have completed all of those earlier steps, your child should now be receiving medicaid benefits. So, you will need to keep your child’s medical provider updated by bringing your card to all of your child’s appointments. Also, make sure during the application process that you keep your provider’s office updated with your application reference number, as well as your caseworker’s name and contact information.
While Medicaid may have seemed like a mystery at one time, now that you know the basic facts, you can make the decision of whether or not Medicaid may be an option in helping cover your child’s medical expenses. At Provo Pediatrics, we are happy to accept Medicaid, so your child can receive access to quality medical care. Contact us today!

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