Pediatrician Medicaid: Basics of Medicaid

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Provo Pediatrics accepts Medicaid

What Are the Basics of Medicaid? What Benefits Does It Provide for Children?

Making sure that you understand how to cover the costs of your child’s healthcare is important. You might have medicaid or might be considering applying for Medicaid for your child. By simply understanding a few basic facts about Medicaid, you can find out if this coverage option is right for your child.

Medicaid is a government program which provides health coverage for low-income individuals of all ages, many of which are children of low-income families. Funds from the federal and state governments allow children under 18, whose families’ income is below 138% percent of the poverty line to receive Medicaid benefits. Medicaid does not provide medical care, but pays hospitals and medical practitioners directly.

Medicaid covers a wide variety of medical services. Some of the medical services covered for children are doctors’ visits, hospital visits, and prescription drugs. Having this coverage ensures that the costs of your child’s medical expenses are covered.

When an application for Medicaid is accepted, a card with your child’s name is sent to you in the mail, and is to be shown at your pediatrician’s office. This card lets the office know to send your child’s medical bills directly to Medicaid. It is always important to keep an updated copy of your child’s Medicaid card and bring it to every office visit. Not all healthcare practitioners accept Medicaid, so it is important to find out if your child’s pediatric care specialist does.

At Provo Pediatrics, we gladly accept Medicaid, so set up your child’s well check today!