Pediatric ADHD: ADHD Specialists vs. Pediatricians

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You know your child trusts their pediatrician, but when your child is diagnosed with ADHD, you may find yourself and your child running into roadblocks, and you’re not exactly sure that medicine alone can help manage the emotional and mental stresses of what your child is going through. Let’s take a look at ADHD specialists and their approach to treating the disorder versus pediatricians.

ADHD Specialists

When your child sees an ADHD specialist for treatment, the cause of the behavior will be treated, not just the symptoms. By evaluating behavior and listening to what you and your child have to say, they can help you find what works best for your child, because let’s face it, no two children are alike. They can also help you pinpoint the triggers that are causing outbursts, and help you find solutions, not just mask the problem.

The treatment options that ADHD specialists use are not limited to pharmaceuticals. They can teach you and your child different stress and behavior management techniques to handle outbursts, as well as counseling options that can prepare your child to be successful in managing their ADHD.




While pediatricians care about their patients, without a specialization in ADHD management/treatment, they may feel uncomfortable addressing the concerns of parents when it comes to the day-to-day challenges associated with ADHD. This may lead them to simply prescribe a medication, without offering other options to help manage behavior long term, such as counseling and behavioral management techniques. This leaves you (the parent) with only one way to help your child (medication).


The lack of experience with ADHD may also mean that a pediatrician doesn’t know how to measure a progression or regression of appropriate behavior in your child. It is important to know and understand the assessments involved in creating an effective plan of care, so that your child can experience success in adjusting at home and anywhere else he or she may go.


While pediatricians care about their patients, they may not be able to create an effective long term plan of care for a child struggling with ADHD

However, when a pediatrician partners with an ADHD specialist, they can help you and your child find ways to effectively manage ADHD, and thus, help your child experience the difference between surviving and thriving on a daily basis. We suggest going to both a pediatrician and an ADHD specialist. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our ADHD specialist or any pediatrician.

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